Art Direction & Creative Coding

How can we visualise something as abstract as the thinking process of the brain? How can we visualise the trace these thoughts leave behind?

The answer to these questions was found in a meditative brain, analysed and visualised with an EEG reader.

The portraits of the subject photographed become altered by their own thinking process and their very own meditative state. The changing colour of the pixels of the photo represent the traces the brain has left behind.

Art Direction & Creative Coding

Continuing from the learning of the above project, this project analyses the brainwaves of a person during meditation and acts upon the video feed of the person, shifting its pixels.


This work speculate on the quest for self-awareness and mastery over oneself and uses them as an expression of Being.


The more you meditate, the more you find yourself.​

© 2020 by Cristina Tarquini