Creative Coding

With the use of an EEG reader I created bespoke algorithms which speculate around the ides of self and self mastering.

Meditate To Find Yourself

Creative Coding

This project uses an EEG reader to analyses the brainwaves of a person during meditation and acts upon the video portrait of the person itself while meditate. This work speculate on the quest for self-awareness and mastery over oneself and uses them as an expression of Being. The more you meditate, the more you find yourself.


Creative Coding

How can design encourage a moment of self-reflection through the use of meditation? This project works on the portraits of the subject photographed and visualises their meditational pattern.  When the pixels have changed colour, the person was meditating.

‘The Care of the Self’ involves practices of knowing the Self and shaping it accordingly. Meditation is a technique to reach enlightenment by achieving self-awareness through concentration. The goal is to encourage a moment of self-reflection by showing the change that meditation acts upon the Self and updating the style used to represent meditation.